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2024 Over 60 Baseball Series

On Monday, July 15th, join us for our 2nd Annual Over 60 Classic. These games will once again be played at John Carroll in Bel Air, MD.
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Over 60 Interest

On Monday, July 15th, join us for our 2nd Annual Over 60 Classic. These games will once again be played at John Carroll in Bel Air, MD. This venue offers a state-of-the-art all turf playing surface.

Each player will play a minimum of two 7-inning games depending on the final number of players. Games will be fantasy camp style rules (no stealing). Players will be assigned to teams with a goal of achieving a competitive balance. We will seek to accommodate playing requests amongst friends but will generally limit those to groups of two or three.

All participants will receive a lunch as part of the player fee. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Baseball 4 Causes' Gear 4 Kids program.

The cost to participate is $125.

If you are interested in participating, please complete the form below.


Fall 2023 Recap

You can read more about the 2023 60+ Fall Classic by clicking the link below!


B4C Baseball Cooperative Approach

B4C events will be designed in consideration of existing local leagues and organizations, such as HMBL, DCMSBL, DBW, JSB, and others. The intent of B4C Baseball is to create additional opportunities for people to play together in unique formats and neat venues. You should continue to participate in the events and leagues that you already do. We will seek to coordinate with the leadership of various groups to help avoid duplication of times and locations, to avoid logistical conflicts.

Over 60 Baseball Event Overview

The Over 60 baseball event aims to provide an enjoyable experience exclusive to players over the age of 60. It provides a platform for a significant number of active and competitive older players to participate in games. The event follows a format of popular one or two-day events that bring together the baseball community in Maryland, fostering camaraderie and promoting the sport among individuals aged 60 and above. 

Never Stop Playing!

You don't stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing!
Steve Murfin - Borrowed from George Bernard Shaw
Age is a question of mind over matter, If you don't mind, it don't matter.
Paul Smeton - Borrowed from Satchel Paige & Mark Twain

Spread the Word

Player Interest

Please share this link with other over 60 baseball players. We are interested in hearing from individual players, groups of friends, and teams who might like to participate in an B4C Baseball Over 60 Series event.


Share Your Thoughts


Even if you're not yet 60 or not able or interested in playing, your input is still valuable. We would like you to share your ideas on what you think about the B4C Baseball Over 60 Series and how it could be structured/promoted. We would also like to hear about worthwhile causes that we could help support. 


Advisory Group

Paul Smeton

Paul Smeton is a recently retired investment and financial planner of 30 years that is married with 2 children and loves playing baseball along with golf and tennis. He is passionate about helping other experience the game of baseball together, and helping to support and help those less fortunate in life with his generous contributions of time, expertise, and financial support.  Paul will be our program chairperson for the 60+ tournament series for Baseball 4 Causes.

Steve Murfin

For over two decades, Steve Murfin was a head coach at Blake High School, showing his commitment to youth and the game. Steve is a partner in the JSB baseball organization which has brought hundreds of DC and MD adult baseball players together. Steve is actively involved in Baseball 4 Causes and will be part of the baseball operations management team.

John Kutcher

John Kutcher has been playing in the HMBL and its predecessors for the past 28 years and is a member of the HMBL Hall of Fame.  He is passionate about helping organizations make a greater impact through donations of technology and bringing together people with a shared interest in baseball to enjoy the sport, enjoy the fellowship of each other, and help make a difference in many worthwhile causes.

He is the President & CEO of DICORP, Inc., a software technology company, Executive Director of The Kutcher Foundation, Inc. and President of Technology 4 Causes, Inc., which  operates and supports Baseball 4 Causes and its many programs.

About Us

Baseball 4 Causes

Baseball 4 Causes, or B4C, is the philanthropic branch of Technology 4 Causes, a non-profit organization focused on using technology and support services to make a positive impact. B4C aims to create a positive influence within the baseball community and the local community at large through various initiatives by staging events, providing a community platform, and helping other organizations run charitable events.


Technology 4 Causes

Technology 4 Causes (T4C) is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering other initiatives by offering advanced technology solutions and skilled personnel, making their operations more efficient and cost-effective