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Technology 4 Causes

A nonprofit dedicated to helping expand the impact of local charitable and educational activities through the multiplying effects of technology and networking.
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Who We Are


At Technology 4 Causes (T4C), we are committed to empowering and amplifying local charitable programs for the betterment of the community. Through our expertise in technology, networking, and collaboration, we strive to enhance the productivity and impact of the organizations we support. Our primary goal is to increase charitable activity and education within communities by providing technology and associated services to tax-exempt organizations. By harnessing the multiplying powers of technology, we enable these organizations to expand their reach and impact, and make a positive difference in the lives of those they serve.


The vision of Technology 4 Causes is to operate numerous Mentoring Programs, Technology Assistance Programs, Sports 4 Causes Programs, and Helping Hubs. The combination of these initiatives create a powerful multiplying effect for all T4C activities powered by a common technology platform and philanthropic infrastructure.

  • Mentoring Programs - Provide transformative educational and developmental opportunities to young students in various specialty areas such as writing, STEM, computer science, entrepreneurship, and others. T4C takes on projects that benefit a multitude of nonprofits and causes, by coordinating and operating these programs in partnership with our generous sponsors.
  • Technology Assistance Programs - Provide specialized information systems to nonprofits to help them operate their organizations more efficiently and effectively. T4C provides customized software systems and associated support services to provide a profound impact on a nonprofit's ability to tell its story, manage its events, coordinate and recruit its volunteers, streamline its communications, and much more. These solutions are provided in partnership with our generous sponsors to help nonprofits gain access to capabilities that often are outside their means or technical reach.
  • Sports 4 Causes Programs - Use the unifying power of sports to bring together persons around their shared interest, to experience the fellowship of their sport and to raise awareness of specific educational initiatives. T4C will operate several sports-specific events in various formats, such as leagues and tournaments, to help promote our educational initiatives, further extend our network, and provide fundraising for worthwhile causes. 
  • Helping Hubs - Provide a digital presence and online-accessible community that helps tell the stories of an organization or initiative regarding their needs and causes. These T4C websites assist nonprofits and other tax-exempt organizations in garnering participants, volunteers, donors, sponsors, and suppliers to assist them with their mission, events, and operations. These sites also help establish an extensive network that allows for cross-communication and the building of volunteer and mentoring resources that benefit all T4C programs. 

Highlighted Programs

Baseball 4 Causes

Baseball 4 Causes, or B4C, is the philanthropic branch of Technology 4 Causes, a non-profit organization focused on using technology and support services to make a positive impact. B4C aims to create a positive influence within the baseball community and the local community at large through various initiatives. Firstly, they organize events and experiences that foster camaraderie and fellowship among baseball players, providing a platform for connection and relationship-building. Secondly, they offer support to baseball-related nonprofits and charitable projects by providing skilled staff and advanced technology to streamline their operations and maximize their impact. Finally, B4C operates its own charitable programs to address unmet community needs directly. Through these programs, individuals can participate in unique baseball events while contributing to a greater cause. B4C strives to leverage the power of baseball and technology to bring people together, create lasting change, and strengthen the baseball community while positively impacting the wider world.

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Transformation Guild

The Transformation Guild is a mentoring program of Technology 4 Causes, which was launched by the Kutcher Foundation in collaboration with DICORP, Inc. to create a powerful philanthropic impact through the multiplying forces of technology. The Guild is dedicated to harnessing the power of writing and technology to create a positive impact in society. Our primary focus is to engage and inspire young writers to craft compelling stories that encourage involvement in non-profit organizations and charitable initiatives. By providing guidance and instruction through mentorship, we ensure that these young writers receive the necessary support to thrive. Through their participation in this program, they gain invaluable experience while contributing to a greater cause.

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Meet Our Executive Board

John Kutcher

Executive Director

John Kutcher is passionate about helping organizations make a greater impact through donations of technology and other resources to help make a difference in many worthwhile causes. He is the President & CEO of DICORP, a software technology company and Executive Director of The Kutcher Foundation, a local charity program. Using this expertise, John founded Technology 4 Causes and currently uses his years of expertise to lead the program as it’s President.

Steve Murfin

Executive Board Member

Steve Murfin is a dedicated member of the Technology 4 Causes Executive Board, contributing his expertise and passion for philanthropy. Steve currently holds the position of Executive Director at eReceivables, Inc., where he demonstrates his leadership and managerial skills. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Steve has an extensive background in volunteering, having served on the executive boards of multiple charitable organizations prior to joining Technology 4 Causes. He also shares his love for philanthropy through baseball as the current Head Coach at Blake High School since 2003.

Paul Smeton

Executive Board Member

Paul is a recently retired investment and financial planner with 30 years of experience. He is married with has two children and enjoys playing baseball, golf, and tennis. Deeply passionate about giving back to his community, Paul actively supports and assists those who are less fortunate. He generously contributes his time, expertise, and financial resources to make a positive impact. In addition to serving as a member of the Technology 4 Causes Executive Board, Paul will be our program chairperson for the 60+ tournament series for Baseball 4 Causes.