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The Bill Hoff Legacy Project

This page was put together by Bill's baseball friends to help carry on Bill's legacy and share memories & information. Bill was an avid baseball fan & supporter and was active in numerous causes and events to help others. He was an incredible friend to many and we will miss Wild Bill dearly. This page will be used to capture memories and coordinate a legacy project to help others in areas of great passion to Bill. Use this link to stay informed or to share a memory, photo, or story.
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Bill Hoff passed away Thursday, May 23, 2024, surrounded by family and friends, at the age of 68.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Bill's family at this time, and we are deeply saddened by his passing, and the loss of one of our baseball brothers. 


Photos of Bill



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Tom Walter

I was 10 years old when a neighbor , “Wild” Bill Hoff , picked me up in his white Ford Fairmont to be on his 9-10 little league Bel Air baseball team .. that started a Friendship that has lasted for over 51 years … We journey though life , holding baseball as the foundation of our friendship , but we became a tight family and brothers … Golf tournaments , bull roast, fundraisers , the stroke network fundraiser, selling Christmas trees ,Tom Walter’s Auto World , and more baseball etc. etc .. lol.. we have played and coached ever since.. 

Steve Bollinger

June 1980  - 13/14 Cardinals Bel Air 

Bill's Impact


Bill has a deep history in the Harford County baseball community, including many volunteer & charitable activities.  

Legacy Project

Bill's baseball friends are planning a legacy project to further his impact Bill's honor.  The legacy project will support causes he was passionate about and helped.  

Advisory Group

The legacy project will be guided and planned by a group of Bill's close friends, including

Tom Walter

Greg McLaughlin

Terry Haggerty

Lawrence Bennett

Herb Davis

Jim Ross

John Kutcher

Phil Hopkins

and others

Over the next few weeks, the group will be meeting to identify various initiatives and activities to help carry on Bill's positive impact in the community.  

Help Us Spread the Word

Help spread the word by sharing on social media, text, or  email.

Memorial Fund

Baseball 4 Causes has established a Bill Hoff Memorial Fund in collaboration with Bill's friends. Donations to this fund will be used to establish and operate the Bill Hoff Legacy Project which will support youth, mentoring, and initiatives Bill was very passionate about and will assist other causes important to him.  Use this form to indicate your pledge or donation.


Baseball 4 Causes

The Bill Hoff Legacy Project is a program by Baseball 4 Causes (B4C), run in collaboration with the Advisory Group of Bill's friends to help carry on Bill's legacy and positive impact. 

B4C is the baseball philanthropy arm of Technology 4 Causes, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to helping support and expand charitable activities in the community. 

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Transformation Guild

The legacy project will also involve our mentoring program of young writers, also expanding the positive reach to youth in our local community. 

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