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Tony Giordano Memory Wall

This page was put together by Tony's baseball friends to share memories, share information from the family, and help carry on Tony's legacy. Tony was an avid baseball fan and active in numerous Orioles Fantasy Camps, JSB, DBW, and B4C events as a manager and player. He was an incredible friend to us all and will be missed dearly. This page will be used to capture memories for sharing with each other and Tony's family. Feel free to share a memory, photo, or story.
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Update from 2-15-2024

Tony Giordano passed away today after an illness with double pneumonia. We will provide information on his celebration of life as it becomes available. It is our understanding that it is tentatively envisioned to be held later this Spring, but that is subject to change. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with Tony's family at this time, and we are deeply saddened by his passing, and the loss of one of our baseball brothers. 

Update from 2-14-2024

To our baseball family:

It is with a very heavy heart that we share this latest news on Tony from his wife, Cathy. Please keep all of them in your prayers.

We will keep you posted. 


From Cathy:

We have decided to take Tony off life support. We’re waiting for a few family members to get here and say their goodbyes.  

I’m not planning a funeral at this time. He’s being cremated and I think when Spring comes, we can all gather to celebrate his life. He wouldn’t want this to be a morbid, sad affair. So, once things settle down, I will make some arrangements. 

Meanwhile, I will let you know when he has left this world and please feel free to share this information. 
Thank you.

Photos of Tony

Tony at the first-ever B4C Ripken Experience (September 2023)

Tony's Orioles team at the 2024 Winter Baseball Classic (February 2024)


One of Tony's Delmarva Baseball Weekend teams

Tony sitting around with a number of the former pros and fellow managers at the Winter Baseball Classic (February 2024)


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John Kutcher

It is hard to believe. Just two weeks ago we were all playing baseball together in Florida. Tony was such a joy to all of us and such a great person. As a long-time manager, Tony was a key part of what makes us all getting together so special. He will be dearly missed. As a fellow manager, Tony was a friendly competitor who took his role seriously so his teammates could have the most fun. More recently he was spearheading a Screens 4 Health colorectal screening advocacy campaign which we will carry on in his honor. I and we will miss Tony dearly. Rest in peace my friend. 

Ron Boblooch

Tony called me every day to check on me when I was going through a very difficult time in my life during these past few years. He was my rock. He was an incredible friend and brother. My tears do not even show how much he meant to me. Godspeed Tony. Jesus is waiting for you with open arms.

Charlie Deale

My favorite moments with Tony were spent talking about baseball and life with a cold Coors Light. In October he played on my team and couldn’t move very well, until he made a great scoop at first to end a threat. He actually had a little hop in his step coming off the field. It also warms me to know that one of the last things he did was on the field and coaching in Vero just a few weeks ago. What a way for a story to end. Doing one of the things you love to do the most.

Steve Murfin

Most fond memory was Travis joining the Stud Murfins in Cooperstown. Tony will always be with us forever.

Bill Bratten

My brother... gonna miss you big guy! Glad to have been lucky enough to have known you all these years. Thanks for the memories. 

Jeff Biedronski

I got to know Tony over Breakfast in Cooperstown a number of years ago. We talked baseball and many other topics. Tony’s passion for baseball and life was unmatched. We became good friends that day. I will never forget Tony in his Savannah Bananas uniform. Rest in Peace, my brother! Until we meet again on that Field of Dreams in the Sky. 

Brian DeLude

I wasn't fortunate enough to know Tony as long as the rest of my JSB baseball family, but Tony was one of the guys that quickly made you understand JSB was not at all just about baseball. Tony was so outgoing and friendly and immediately made you feel like you knew him forever. That's a gift and Tony used it for good! The Tony memory that I think makes most sense to share, and is very Tony, is when he called me before one of the tournaments this past year(ish) and starts talking to me about being on his team and what positions he's thinking about for me etc. About 5-10 minutes into the call, he suddenly said, oh this is Brian DeLude, shoot Brian I thought I was talking to someone else. You're actually not on my team. We both had a good laugh about that, and he finished strong by saying I wanted you on my team but lost you that's why I still have you on the list. Again, just a great guy! 

Drew Sullins

I had the good fortune of playing on Tony's Tigers during a DBW weekend. He was a ton of fun and I enjoyed every minute I was on his team. We weren't that good for that weekend, but we had a lot of laughs!

Brian Knerr

During a Cooperstown tournament, Tony and I were part of a large group that went to a local restaurant, Brooks. I was dismayed (to say the least) when we got there, and I realized that the establishment did not serve beer .... I whined about it the rest of the dinner. Tony never forgot that ... every time I saw him after that, he'd walk up to me with his usual sideways grin and remind me that he had beer in his truck outside in the parking lot. It was ready and waiting for me anytime! And I took advantage more than once. What a gem, just a great guy.

Jack Byrd

At our last event, with only a few weeks left on this earth, Tony was passionate about all of us taking control of our own health and screening for colon cancer. Unbelievable how concerned he was for the people he cared for. Thank you for sharing Tony with us.

Stephen Allen

It was an honor to play on Tony's team in Vero recently. We all know that he was not feeling well. We tried to get him to leave the games and go rest. Tony being who he is resisted because he wanted to be with his team doing what made him feel best. That is the type of man and leader that he was. Tony, you will be severely missed, Rest In Peace. 

Tony Lee

Win or lose, we all just love the game, that baseball smile you would always show me, just meant how much you loved the game and being out there with the guys, Rest in peace Champ Tony Giordano 

Jack Conley

I have been blessed to get to share the baseball diamond with Tony. Playing against him and for me to be picked as a player for his team it was always great to get the call saying I picked you for my team I was blessed to receive that call on many occasions. It was great to have a beer in the parking lot win or lose after our games. Tony was always very frank as a manager when I would pitch for him and I would be struggling on the mound, Tony would make his visit to the mound and in Tony’s style say just throw the F-in ball over the plate. God love him. I will see again one day on the big ball field in the sky. May God bless Tony and the family.

Bob Wienholt Jr.

I was fortunate to play on Tony's team a few times. The time I remember most was a few years ago in Vero. Tony hurt his foot the first day and couldn't run, but he still went up there to hit. Despite the injury he was a hit and walk machine that week. Helped us win the championship. I loved chatting with him on the field, in the lunchroom or at breakfast in the morning. These baseball events will not be the same without him.

Greg & Cindy Ault

Although we are new members of the Tony Fan Club, we know he really loved his wife, his baby’s, the pony’s and baseball. He was one of a kind and will be greatly missed. 

Karen Quinn & Family

Tony came to Dad's 75th birthday party - one we wouldn't have had if it were not for him! I will always remember the lovely day spent with Cathy & Tony & their horses in 2022.

Jon Darby

I was lucky to play with and against Tony too many times to count. I also was on Tony's team when Travis came to Cooperstown. Three distinct memories of Tony 1. Cooperstown: He was in RF, I was in CF. A long fly ball hit to right. No way Tony would get to it... but he backpedaled and backpedaled and fell over on his back on the warning track.... and caught the ball. Amazing catch and Tony was the most surprised of anyone, asking me, "What the f*** just happened?". 2. Frederick Stadium: Kutcher and I had an enormous collision in the OF. My leg immediately started swelling up. Tony opened up his ever-present cooler (which had wine in it this time) and pulled out ice for my leg. He also came up with a compression sock somehow. 3. Pirate City: Tony's up to bat. "Move in" came the call so I moved closer to the IF from my position in left. Tony promptly blasted a bomb way over my head.... and got a single on what would have been at least a double or triple for anyone that could run. Finally: Tony always had a smile and a caring hand for anyone, anytime, anywhere. I miss him.


Nonstop jovial kindness.

Memorial Fund

Baseball 4 Causes has established a Tony Giordano Memorial Fund in collaboration with Tony’s family. Donations to this fund will be used to establish and operate the Tony Giordano Legacy Project which will support initiatives Tony was very passionate about and will assist other causes important to the family.  Use this form to indicate your pledge or donation.


Baseball 4 Causes

The Tony Giordano Legacy Project is a program by Baseball 4 Causes (B4C), run in collaboration with Tony's family to help carry on Tony's legacy and positive impact. 

B4C is the baseball philanthropy arm of Technology 4 Causes, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to helping support and expand charitable activities in the community. 

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