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2024 Winter Baseball Classic Recap

Welcome to the 2024 Winter Baseball Classic recap landing page. Scroll to see an in-depth review of all of the exciting games, activities, and memories made throughout the week in Vero Beach!

WBC In Review

Another Great Week

From January 24-27th, nearly 60 players and a number of guests made their way to the historic Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, FL for three days of baseball.

The overall experience of the Winter Baseball Classic featured 15 games on state-of-the-art fields, a welcome dinner, pool-side cookout, and more.

Please see below for detailed game information on the entire classic and congrats to the Krushers on their championship run!

Welcome Dinner

On Wednesday night, the eve of the classic, players and their guests gathered at the pool at 6:00 p.m. after a day of travel and some light batting practice. There, over a meal, they learned of their team, and who they would go to battle with over the next three days.

Teammates 4 Hope

At the welcome dinner, a pre-recorded video from Jon Darby played, discussing a new helping hub called Teammates 4 Hope. Click the link below to watch the video and learn more. 

About Teammates 4 Hope: Teammates 4 Hope is our helping hub for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. Jon Darby is our Advisory Group chair and has shared a heartfelt mission about his passion for this initiative. Please watch his video by clicking the button.

Watch Video

Screens 4 Health

Also, at the welcome dinner, Tony Giordano spoke about the B4C service mission he was starting called Screens 4 Health, to focus on advocacy and information on the colorectal and other health screening using sports as a platform.

Work Groups

As our next step, we are looking to form work groups full of people who can help us with this initiative. The time commitment will not be significant. You can use the service mission link below to let us know how you'd like to help, any of our service missions, in any way possible.

Service Mission Interest

Pool-Side Cookout

When all games were completed except for the championship, players and their guests once again gathered at the pool for a last day cookout. Over lunch, awards were also handed out by Steve Murfin. See below for a list of the award winners.


Voted by the Five Managers

  • Tournament MVP - Greg Smith
  • Tournament Best Hitter - Bill Bratten
  • Tournament Best Pitcher - Ken Keller
  • Tournament Best Defender - John Greaver
  • Sportsmanship Award - Randy Brouillette



After finishing 2-2 and in a 3-way tie after pool play, the Krushers focused in on the elimination rounds. 

In the semis, they faced off against the Bombers. Backed by another strong pitching performance from Ken Keller, Greg, Smith, and John Greaver, the Krushers won, and were on their way to yet another championship game.

The Krushers were facing their toughest test of the tournament ... the Orioles, who were 5-0 entering the game. The Krushers got out to an early lead and Ken Keller was able to keep the Orioles in check for much of the first half of the game on the mound. The Krushers steadily built upon their lead and got out of jam after jam with strong pitching, and went on to win 12-2, claiming their second WBC crown.



Manager: Ron Boblooch

Front L-R: Chuck Collison, Ron Boblooch, Adam Freeland, Harry Hafer, Robert Hausladen.

Back L-R: Bill Wagner, Paul Thompson, Steve Hankoff, Brian McHale, Randy Brouillette, Paul Smeton.


Manager: Charlie Deale

Front L-R: Rick Howington, Warner Wamsley, Dave Rickard.

Back L-R: Ed Copeland, Harry Malecki, Jack Kelly, Doug Milman, Bob Weinholt, Sr., Terry Wilson, Charlie Deale, Bill Patterson. 

Hot Toddies

Manager: Todd Hyson

Front L-R: Brad Starobin, Todd Hyson, Bill Hatfield, Glenn Strachan, Danny Milligan.

Back L-R: Tom Gerahty, Sandy Milligan, Jack Byrd, Jr., Mike Eisenfeld, Tom Harrington, Chuck Thim, Tim Tremblay.


Manager: John Kutcher

Front L-R: Jeff Joyce, Russ Gebhard, Jason Tabeling, Steve Tabeling, Carl Roy.

Back L-R: Greg Smith, Ken Keller, James Lyles, Glenn Atteberry, John Greaver, John Kutcher.


Manager: Tony Giordano

Front Row L-R: Kevin Moore, Max Mullin, Steve Allen, John Gavin.

Back Row L-R: Billy Ramsey, John Resta, Tony Giordano, Bill Bratten, Dave Reeder, Steve Zinner, George Mullin.

Missing: Harry Malecki.

Game Recaps

Day 1

Day 1 got underway at 10 AM with games between the Orioles and Bombers on Field 1, and the Krushers and Destroyers on Field 2. Both contests were one-run games, with the Orioles and Krushers coming out on top. The Krushers walked it off in their victory thanks to a Greg Smith two-run signal that scored Kutcher and Roy, while the Orioles victory featured stellar pitching and defense on both sides.

After lunch, we saw our first team score double-digit runs when the Destroyers defeated the Toddies 12-7, thanks to a hot bat from Warner Wamsley. We also saw our first shutout with the Orioles beating the Krushers 2-0. A well-pitched game by both teams with both runs being scored in the first inning.

The final game of the day featured another low scoring game with a 4-1 victory for the Bombers over the Toddies.

Day 2

Day 2 featured five more pool play games at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex. 

At 10 AM, The Krushers repeated their day 1 performance, putting up six runs and picking up an early morning win, this time against the Toddies. The Krushers pitching staff combined for a first in winter baseball classic history, by having an inning where they gave up the maximum runs allowed, and still managed to throw a no-hitter in their victory. The Destroyers also matched their day 1 morning run total of 5 but came out on top this time against the Bombers.

Following lunch, the Bombers redeemed themselves after a morning loss, defeating the Krushers 4-3. The Krushers stranded 11 men over six innings. The Orioles, playing for the first time today, scored 10 runs en route to a 10-6 victory over the Toddies. The victory kept their undefeated tourney alive, while ensuring the Toddies wouldn't win once in pool play.

In the final game of the day, the Orioles once again came out on top, defeating the Destroyers, 9-4. The Orioles had a phenomenal defensive effort and stellar pitching behind Billy Ramsey and Max Mullin. The Orioles finished pool play at 4-0.

Day 3

The third and final day of the Winter Baseball Classic brought on the elimination games.

Starting at 8:30, we had the winless Toddies taking on the 2-2 Destroyers. The Destroyers would take care of business, winning 8-2 and keeping the Toddies out of the win column.

In the semis, the Orioles put up double-digit runs for the second time, winning a close one against the Destroyers, 10-8. The Krushers would also win, a 7-0 victory over the Bombers. They were the first team to win in a shutout during the classic.

In the championship game, the Krushers would cruise to a 12-2 victory, led by the hot bat of tournament MVP, Greg Smith (pictured here), handing the Orioles their first loss of the tournament, and claiming their second WBC crown. 

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